Preventing Workplace Accidents With Safety Training

One of the best ways to prevent workplace accidents is to provide safety training on an ongoing basis. As humans, it is easy to get out of the practice of guarding our own safety. Most humans need the constant reminder of safety training in order to do their best work. The following tips can help to ensure compliance solutions.

Safety training from the beginning

The first steps of new employee training should start with safety training. An employee that is not working responsibly can endanger himself as well as those around him. Employee accidents can cost companies thousands of dollars in lawsuits. It is to the benefit of the company as well as the employee that training begin early to prevent workplace accidents.

Provide needed safety equipment

The best way to ensure compliance is to provide any needed safety equipment. Eye protection includes goggles or safety glasses. Earplugs should be provided for hearing protection. In addition, gloves or other specialty equipment should be provided by the employer. When this equipment is supplied, compliance should be mandatory. While each employee must take responsibility for his or her own safety, they employer also must take responsibility for the safety of all workers.

Continuing safety education

Telling an employee the safety rules once is not enough. Constant reminders, through classes, video recordings and safety posters help to remind employees to work safely. In regards to safety posters, remember they are only effective if changed regularly. Most companies will only conduct safety meetings if there is a regular time each month set aside on the calendar and attendance is mandatory for all employees, make plans that will provide opportunities for a person that is absent from work due to illness on the day of the meeting to get the needed training.

Specific training for use of machinery

Each employee should be trained before being allowed to use a machine in the workplace. The company SOP manual should include who is responsible for training. There should be an evaluation of the employee before he or she is allowed to operate the machinery on his or her own. Both the trainer and employee should sign a form when the training is completed. If new machinery is installed in the work place, ask the manufacturer to provide the safety education as a part of the training process.

Ensuring compliance solutions.

Supervisors must keep an eye out for unsafe practices in the work place and encourage all workers to follow safety procedures to prevent workplace accidents. Employees that are not following safety practices should receive verbal and then written warnings to ensure compliance solutions in the workplace.

Encourage all employees to report any unsafe working conditions immediately to their supervisor. Conditions that are not corrected should be reported to the safety committee.

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