What Is OSHA?

osha logo What Is OSHA?OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency that’s been assigned to ensure safe and healthy working conditions in U.S. based companies. OSHA is actually a part of the Labor Department and to accomplish it’s purpose it works to design and enforce proven safety standards and it provides safety training and compliance assistance to employers.

Employees, by law, have certain rights pertaining to the conditions in which they work and they are entitled to work in safe conditions which are not detrimental to their health or well being.

OSHA offers a number of publications on safety in the workplace and also provides a great deal of data on overall safety records on certain hazards found in the workplace. One example would the the Top Ten List Of Accidents and they also provide guides for very specific work conditions as well. Another useful tool that OSHA distributes is safety posters which are designed to remind workers about common sense safety tips.

OSHA may partner with other institutions that provide compliance training to professionals in many industries and occupations. This shared partnership has helped to increase and improve their education resources and they work very closely with those employers who are looking to improve their safety standards.

Even smaller businesses can benefit through no-cost on-site consultations and reviews which are provided by state agencies. OSHA has local or area offices in many parts of the country and they would handle a great deal of the work in a specific area. Offices are staffed with CAS or Compliance Assistance Specialists who provide many forms of support. They will work with trade organizations, community groups, and small businesses and provide ongoing training with workshops and seminars.

Part of the training program that OSHA offers includes several courses with provide 10 to 30 hour programs which are targeted more towards general industry or construction work. This instruction as well as other programs are all part of OSHA’s outreach program. It’s believed that through continuing education and training with a focus on safety, accidents and mishaps in the workplace can continue to be reduced.

For more information about OSHA and it’s services please visit their website at www.osha.gov

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