Fire Safety Training For Hotels

Fire Safety Training Fire Safety Training For HotelsFire safety training for hotel and resort staff members is important to protect the life of all who stay at the establishment. If a fire were to break out, it is important that everyone including the guest knows exactly what to do and when. You need to understand the workings of all equipment that may be included in any employee-training program you participate in for fire safety in the hotels and resorts. The rooms should also include safety regulations on the door of every room for every guest to read and understand in case of a fire. A smoke alarm needs to be placed in every room and the hallways as well.

A hotel with restaurant facilities or smoking rooms must have proper guidelines in place in the event a fire would occur. If you have a flame and no fire extinguisher around for the employee to use, they need to know what could result if not properly equipped. The building could continue to burn and the blaze will become uncontrollable, which can burn down an entire building. Proper education with a lesson plan or a video course through a computer based program will ready an employer and employee for an emergency. Teachers are providers for all the necessary coaching needed to aid in the protection of the guest and employees of the establishment.

In high rise hotels, different safety guidelines are needed because of the many floors filled with people, who will need to exit the burning building without ending up in a hospital or even worse. If one is trapped on upper floor and takes refuge in an area filled with industrial cleaners, they could experience serious results if the heat causes fumes to fill the area. Proper exit plans and designation of safety areas in the event of a fire is vital so firefighters can reach those trapped without searching the entire burning building.

A power point presentation done by a retired Canada firefighter shows the exact way to test a fire extinguisher to ensure it is always ready when needed. Through this presentation, employees learn how to inspect this equipment to ensure it is working properly. Things like this just help to reinforce training done by professional fire safety training personnel. One should never let their guard down. Just because a hotel or resort has never experienced a fire does not mean it will not happen.

Guests should be aware of where the safety exits are located and where they should check in with hotel personnel to ensure nobody goes looking for them. In cases where a fire traps you on the top floors, you should safety as possible, go to the designated area for your floor until firefighters come to find you. In some cases, you may need to escape your floor; therefore, taking the stairs and not the elevator is the only option. If you do travel, you should learn how to use a fire extinguisher properly in case a need ever occurs.

Using the proper safety equipment and knowing exactly what your responsibilities are during a fire only helps to save life and maybe the building as well. One word of caution as you will learn in the fire safety training, you are not a trained firefighter, if the fire is out of control, leave the building, do not use any fire extinguishing equipment on large fires, you could be overcome with smoke and lose consciousness. This type of equipment is only for manageable fires, as you will learn in any training course you take. Part of your training will also teach you about proper disposable of flammable materials and smoking materials, which are the leading causes of fires in hotels and resorts.

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